Set in October 1950 in the mythical Weaver County somewhere in Northwest Arkansas, the SoSueMe RR interchanges with 3 famous railroads. They are the Cotton Belt, Frisco and the Missouri Pacific. The SSm serves Weaver County by picking up and delivering cars to its six major cities.

Map / Schematic

W-W-Work-k-king-g-go-o-on-n i-i-it-t-t!!

Railroad Overview

Superintendent: Judge Alan Epley, Ret.
Scale: HO Scale
Era: Fall 1950
Dispatching: Superintendant/Mother May I
Operating System: NCE wireless
Car Forwarding: Rail Ops generated switch lists
Communications: Court Orders
Aisles: 42"

Layout Description:

The SSM is constructed as a 2 level layout. The upper level is 4' 10" from the floor while the lower level is 36". Stools are available. The levels can be operated as two seperate layouts or as a single layout connected with a manually operated train elevator. Generally, there is enough work to be done on each level that the wues of the elevator is not indicated. Operators can work both levels at their option. The towns located on the lower lever are Truth, Illeagle, Convictions, and Billorights. Towns on the upper level are Consequences, Freedom (home of the infamous Cummings Prison Farm), Justice and the County Seat, Weaverville.

Operating Scheme

Usually the train elevator (Called Baylift Yard) is used as a staging yard for the Frisco, MoPac, and Cotton Belt interchange trains. There are interchange tracks in each town where work is performed. The SoSueMe RR jobs are turns from Truth on the lower level to Illeagle, Convictions or Billorights. The SSM Line is the sole carrier to enter and work in Weaverville on the upper level. It also wrks the local to Freedom or Justice and Consequences. There is also a seperate Pickering Lumber/log train on the upper level. Typical train length is 8 to 10 cars. Time to complete a job varies from 30 minutes to 2 hours.


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