The Sierra, El Paso & Northeastern Railroad represents the Southern Pacific mainline between Vaughn, NM and El Paso, TX and the Santa Fe mainline between Willard, NM and Vaughn, NM in 1955, as shown below.

Route Map of the Sierra Central

Railroad Overview

Superintendent: Lou Adler
Scale: HO Scale
Era: September 1955
Dispatching: Time Table & Train Order
Control System: Digitrax with tethered throttles
Car Forwarding: Excel generated Station Agent Pick-up Lists and Consist Lists
Communications: FRS Radio
Mainline: SP - 150 ft.; ATSF - 50 ft.
Crew Size: 6
Yardmaster: 1 person
Road Crews: 4 people
Dispatcher: 1 person

Layout Description:

The Sierra, El Paso & Northeastern Railroad, which is often referred to as the Sierra Central, links El Paso, TX with Vaughn, NM to provide interchange service with the Santa Fe and Southern Pacific railroads. The time period is 1955 when some steam still existed on the SP. The layout represents the actual portion of the Southern Pacific, i.e. the old EP&NE Railroad. The towns and industries are prototypical and modeled with reasonable accuracy.

The appearance of Sierra Central equipment coming from Cloudcroft to Alamogordo is a fictitious portion of the layout. Historically, the operation of the Alamogordo & Sacramento Mountain railroad bringing logs to the lumber and saw mill at Alamogordo ceased in 1947.

Likewise, Seminole (aka Orogrande) had a branch line that extended to Jarilla where CF&I produced iron ore. Several cars are delivered daily to/from Seminole.

The following is a list of towns and their industries.

Operating Scheme

Train movement is controlled by Time Table and Train Order (TT&TO). Car movement on the Sierra Central is based on the car cycle concept using computer-based technology.  An Excel spreadsheet is used to generate the following paperwork:


The following trains typically run during the operating session:

Typical train lengths are seven to nine cars, with the exception of the A&SM local and ATSF Transfer. However, during the course of their run, extras will have a car count that can increase and decrease between towns.

Map of the Sierra Central


Vaugh Ancho
Vaughn Ancho
Capitan Mining Company Alamogordo
Capitan Mining Company Alamogordo
SP Dallas Street Yard in El Paso Seminole Station IMG_1285
SP Dallas Street Yard in El Paso Seminole Station
Seminole IMG_1303 Ancho Canyon IMG_1319
Seminole Ancho Canyon

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