01 - Westbound Empire Builder approaching Whitefish 02 - A GN westbound freight departing St.Paul Como Yard (staging) and entering St. Paul Union Yard 03 - St. Paul industries and the GN stone arch bridge 04 - Minneapolis engine facility and industries 05 - Local NP 252 arriving at Duluth to service industries 06 - Superior Ore Docks and yard to the left 07 - Fargo 08 - Wayzata service by GN branchline trains 61 and 63 09 - Minot with approximately 15 industries 10 - Whitefish with the Colton Coal Mine 11 - Whitefish yard and industries 12 - Spokane with approximately 16 industries 13 - Wenatchee apple and cherry packing sheds AC-Auburn AC-Blackwater Junction AC-Carter's Corn Syrup AC-Chico - WR Hall Shipping AC-Chico AC-DelMonte Shipping AC-Entry Aisle AC-Gold at The Mother Lode AC-GrandCentralStation AC-Incline Village AC-IndustrialPark AC-Kay Smith Gold Mine AC-Kirksville AC-Lodestone AC-Marysville AC-OldTownYard AC-Overview of Truckee AC-Red Bluff - Bruce BedPans AC-Sacramento Uptown AC-Sacramento AC-The Docks DFAndrews DFAsheville Yard DFBryson City DFCanton DFFontana DFGeneral 1 DFGeneral 2 DFGeneral 3 DFGeneral 4 DFMaggie Valley DFSylva DFWaynesville DMUR-01 DMUR-02 DMUR-03 DMUR-04 DMUR-05 DMUR-06 DMUR-07 DMUR-08 DMUR-09 DMUR-10 DMUR-11 Alamogordo IMG_3629 LA Ancho Canyon IMG_1319 LA New Ancho IMG_1318 LA New Capitan Mining Company IMG_1317 LA Seminole IMG_1303 LA Seminole Station IMG_1285 LA SP Dallas Street Yard in El Paso IMG_3644 LA Vaughn IMG 3651 Lee Hehl Breckinridge Industries Lee Hehl East Minneapolis Industries (corrected picture)  Lee Hehl East Minneapolis Industries  Lee Hehl East Minot Industries  Lee Hehl Fargo Industries  Lee Hehl Minneapolis Lyndale Yard  Lee Hehl Minneapolis Staging  Lee Hehl Minot Yard  Lee Hehl Picture of much of train room  Lee Hehl Wayzata Industries 1  Lee Hehl Wayzata Industries 2  Lee Hehl Wayzata Industries  Lee Hehl West Minneapolis Business District  Lee Hehl West Minneapolis Industries  Lee Hehl West Minot Industries & Staging  Lee Hehl Willmar - MN - 1  Lee Hehl Willmar - MN - 2 normb 01 normb 02 normb 03 normb 04 normb 05 normb 06 normb 07 normb 08 normb 09 RW-Oct 12 2013 Ops Session Dan Louis Ryan RW-Oct 12 2013 Ops Session Neff Yard SM - An MP freight heads west across the diamond on the north bank of the Arkansas River SM - Frisco’s yard in Fort Smith sends switch jobs out to several zones SM - Frisco’s Zone 5 includes the large Whirlpool appliance plant SM - MP's  Arkansas Central  job serves several large industries plus the communities of Barling and Paris-AR SM - MP's Van Buren Yard serves four Red Ball freights per day SM - The area south of downtown Fort Smith has switching by the MP, SLSF and KCS SM - The MP and SLSF both serve industries in the area between the Fort Smith yard and the Arkansas River SM - Under construction Frisco's coal mining branch south of Fort Smith

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